NC researcher scores invite to present at largest indoor farm show in Canada

Sarah Lepp, a senior research associate with Research & Innovation, will speak to farmers about making their data work for them, as part of Manitoba Ag Days, Canada’s largest indoor farming show.

Lepp, who has been with the Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre (AETIC) for the past 10 years, will present “Got Data – What Now?” on Wednesday, Jan. 23 at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Man.

Manitoba Agriculture, the provincial ministry responsible for farming in that province, extended the invite to the AETIC team based on our successful development of web-based software for farm data.

Working with Niagara College’s national chair of precision agriculture and environmental technologies, Dr. Mike Duncan, Lepp has been the primary link between programmers and farmers to transform ideas from farmers, crop consultants, and government specialists into an enterprise software piece known as the Niagara College Crop Portal.

As the primary architect of the crop portal, she will spend her session demonstrating the capabilities of this web-based software to those in attendance. Created for uploading, cleaning, analyzing and visualization of farm-related data, including yield, fertilizer, seed and topographic data, its primary goal is to provide a set of easy-to-use tools to analyze and visualize yield and other data.

Currently the crop portal is open to farmers, consultants and researchers to upload and analyze their data.

This presentation follows a recent one in which the AETIC team was also invited to speak at Canada’s largest outdoor farm show, aptly named “Canada Outdoor Farm Show,” held annually in September in Woodstock, Ont.

To learn more about Manitoba Ag Days, visit the website.

To learn more about Lepp, and the work of Dr. Mike Duncan, NSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Precision Agriculture and Environmental Studies, visit the Centre’s web page, or Sarah’s recent profile, featured in a fall edition of the e-newsletter.