Niagara College showcases diverse range of successes at OCE


Pictured above are Dan Patterson, left, President of Niagara College, and Terry Mactaggart, President and CEO, Ultimate Kiosk, at the Niagara Research Booth at OCE’s Discovery conference.

Niagara College’s Research & Innovation Division recently showcased its most recent recipe for success by offering samples of an alcohol-free lager developed in partnership with MADD Virgin Drinks.

The taste sampling was just one of the demonstrations by Niagara Research at the Ontario Centres of Excellence Discovery conference, held in late May at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Discovery is one of Canada’s prominent innovation-to-commercialization conferences, showcasing leading-edge technologies, best practices and research in Ontario.

Besides the alcohol-free lager, one of the latest products for MADD Virgin Drinks, Niagara Research also demonstrated successes in recent applied research projects for small and medium-sized businesses in the areas of advanced manufacturing and digital media and information technologies.

Niagara Research’s digital media and IT division partnered with Ultimate Kiosk, a company that develops advanced hearing assessment technologies in the form of a kiosk, similar to blood-pressure monitoring stations in pharmacies. Niagara’s research team developed software enhancements and added new features to the existing platform to optimize performance and increase revenue streams and job opportunities for the company.

For the MADD project, the research team with Niagara College’s Canadian Food and Wine Institute Research Centre successfully created an alcohol-free lager that closely matches the flavour profiles of an alcoholic lager, but with zero per cent alcohol content, as opposed to the current 0.05 per cent standard.

For advanced manufacturing, the research team showcased the College’s capability to conduct projects in the areas of engineering design, prototype development, 3D digital scanning and lean manufacturing.

Niagara Research, the Research & Innovation Division of Niagara College, provides real-world solutions for business, industry and the community through applied research and knowledge transfer activities.

We conduct projects that provide innovative solutions, such as producing and testing prototypes, evaluating new technologies, and developing new or improved products or processes for small and medium-sized businesses.

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