Niagara Research Community of Practice invites you to breakfast Feb. 6

If you are interested in research, or think you might be interested in research at Niagara College, you will have some of your questions answered over breakfast on Wed., Feb. 6.

The Niagara Research Community of Practice (NRCoP) will host the morning event at the NOTL campus to include a brief overview of the Community of Practice, as well as a discussion of project highlights, and updates on research news, such as the new CFWI Research Centre.

Communities of Practice form when groups of people are passionate about something they do. Members come together regularly to share information, best practices, etc., to learn how to do things better.

At Niagara College, the relatively new Community of Practice has formed to promote the benefits and practices of research at the college.

“I have been part a CoPs before, and I found they were rich experiences with a lot of informal learning in this peer-to-peer network setting,” notes Holly Catalfamo, NRCoP member and Co-ordinator, Human Resources programs.

Since forming a year ago, the NRCoP has established a calendar of learning events, tools to share resources; and held a series of talks, focusing on connecting applied research to curriculum and assessment, on the types of research undertaken at the college, on project management; on engaging international students in research; and on dissemination of the results.