Registration Now Open: Niagara Food & Beverage Summit on Oct 23


Wednesday, October 23 2019
8:00 AM Registration and Breakfast
5:30 PM Finish

The Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre will host the Niagara Food & Beverage Summit on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019 at the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus. The event will discuss previous, current, and future trends in the food and beverage industry and make educated conclusions with industry experts.

This event is an opportunity for thought leaders, experts, product developers, marketers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and ideators in the food and beverage space to learn from each other in a dynamic and comfortable setting.

This event also focuses on one of the hottest subjects in the food product development world at the moment – the integration of cannabis into the food chain in preparation for legal status in Canada. Experts will discuss Cannabis 101 and different views on how it will shape the future of what the cannabis edibles industry could look like in the not too distant future!


→     Explore trendsetting concepts including past, current, and forecasted trends and fads from industry trend experts
→     Grow your product from idea, to concept, to marketing, to product development utilizing marketing experts and concept-shelf thinking
→     Discuss and learn the regulatory difficulties from experts who helped the USA legalize edibles
→     Explore barriers and potential solutions when infusing cannabis into edibles

→     Discuss the lasting impact of Gen Z and millennial generations, how they overlap, how they differ, and how to differentiate your market space appropriately
→     Discuss the evolution of language, marketing, and environmental imperatives and their ties to food and innovation with marketing experts
→     On-trend workshops in plant-based alternatives, de-risking product introductions, taste the modifications, and exploring cannabis




Explore Trends:

Christine Couvelier is a Culinary Executive, Executive Chef, and a Global Culinary Technologist. With over 30 years of experience, this world-class chef and founder of Culinary Concierge, assists clients in the creation of award-winning food products, services and strategies that help them build their brands and keep them ahead of market trends.

Christine is the past Executive Chef of President’s Choice, the Director of Culinary & Beverage/Executive Chef at Cara Operations, and the Chair of The Chef School of George Brown College. She worked on Global Innovation for Unilever and was the first Director of Culinary Strategy at Maple Leaf Foods, where she worked on the vision, design & construction of the ThinkFOOD! Centre.






Explore Cannabis:

Skyler Webb is the Director of Product Development at Cannabistry, a professional research, development and branding company dedicated to bringing outstanding product innovations to legalized marijuana industries. His previous professional background includes positions in Quality Assurance, Process Engineering and Research & Development for various Food and Beverage companies where he acquired skills developing responsible and safe food products.

Since at Cannabistry, he has specialized in applying the inherent sensory and therapeutic properties of cannabis to infused products with controlled delivery and increased bioavailability across various routes of administration. Combining his educational and professional background, Skyler has become dedicated to developing cannabis infused products which deliver a safe, effective and satisfying experience to consumers.


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→     Access to keynotes and panels
→     Access to 1 specialized breakout session
→     Parking
→     Morning refreshments
→     Lunch
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Food and beverage innovators
Research and development teams
Marketing teams and trendologists
F&B strategy and consulting firms
Food and beverage industry
Cannabis industry and product developers
Growers/producers looking for new revenue streams



8:00am: Registration/Breakfast

8:40am: Introduction to summit


9:00am: Canadian Food & Wine Institute introduction to Trendology session

9:10am: Keynote Speaker: Christine Couvelier; Culinary Concierge

10:00am: Trend-ology Panel (Nadine Farran- Gatti; Fona, Mitin Rathod; Sensient, Genevieve Dube; Red Arrow)

–  Breakout Sessions  –

10:50am (Exploring plant based proteins with Hela Spice, Expectation vs. reality with Vineland Research, Taste modification with Fona, Exploring cannabis from a higher education prospective with Niagara College).


12:00pm:  In Cafeteria catered by Benchmark Restaurant  


1:15pm: Tours of CFWIIC (Participants who opt in)


2:00pm: Cannabis Agriculture NC Rep introduction to Cannabis Session

2:10pm: Keynote Speaker: Skyler Webb; Cannabistry Labs

2:40pm: Cannabis Panel: Chris Sayegh; the Herbal Chef, Kimberly Stuck; Allay Consulting LLC, Dr. Peter McCourt; University of Toronto,


3:30pm: Summary of day: Dr. Ana Christina Vega-Lugo

3:40pm: Closing Remarks: Lyndon Ashton  

3:50pm: Networking; Benchmark Restaurant