Saying goodbye to 2020…

Without question, an unprecedented year lies in our rear-view mirror, along with several other “unprecedented” years like 1957-58 (flu), 1918-20 (flu), 1665-66 (plague), 1346-53 (plague) when other pandemics hit us hard. Anyway, good riddance to 2020, but more on the Middle Ages later…

While the global pandemic affected every part of our lives, we can pause now and reflect on how we’ve all joined forces to tackle the challenges of the day. Innovative technologies to address the coronavirus have arrived in record time, and more locally, we’ve seen our community, stakeholders and industry partners, come together to help each other.

I’m proud that the team at Research & Innovation was able to produce almost 40,000 face shields for frontline workers for Niagara Health and other community members throughout the province. And not long now, our researchers will be able to advance its COVID-19-related work with a brand-new biomedically compatible 3D printer.

Throughout all the changes this past year comes an expanded portfolio for yours truly, but the music never stops, and thus I’m handing the R&I orchestral baton to Krystle Grimaldi, director, Research & Innovation who takes on leadership of all operations and research activities. You’ll see more of her in the year to come.

Speaking of the coming year, my vote for a 2021 theme song: Monty Python’s Always Look On the Bright Side of Life.

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As a special treat for yesterday’s winter solstice, the planets (specifically Jupiter and Saturn) aligned to form a visual double planet – something that hasn’t happened since the Middle Ages.

All the best for the holiday season,
Marc Nantel, PhD, vice-president, Research & External Relations