Sneak peek into the future of NC’s food & beverage innovation

In our evolution as a top-10 applied research college in Canada, we are all about continuous improvement in all our processes, in our outreach, and in our partnership experiences with the community and industry.

As such, we will shortly unveil a new name for the Innovation Centre highlighted in this month’s newsletter (currently the Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre).

The name change will be done partly to reflect an alignment with our academic partners at Niagara College, but also to clearly state to our internal and external partners what we are all about – that is, a centre of excellence in applied research, technology services and all things food and beverage innovation for Niagara, Ontario and beyond. The name change also reflects our recent growth into areas such as cannabis consumables, non-alcoholic beverage production, and our beverage pilot plant.

Earlier this month, Niagara College announced a migration away from the Canadian Food & Wine Institute towards two new academic schools: NC’s School of Culinary Arts and School of Wine, Beer and Spirits. Learn more about that change.