The Globe and Mail: Gaining a competitive advantage through applied research

In its sponsored feature “Excellence in Research and Innovation,” The Globe and Mail today included a recent project between Niagara College’s Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (WAMIC) and Handling Specialty, a Grimsby-based company that manufactures custom-engineered material handling products for clients worldwide.

The partnership involved WAMIC producing 3D-printed replicas of two large assembly equipment pieces for Handling Specialty for use in showcasing its company’s capabilities at tradeshows — saving in both transportation costs and its carbon footprint.

“An industry partner comes to us, and we establish objectives and deliverables,” says Gordon Maretzki, centre manager at WAMIC. “We have our research leads or our in-house faculty contributing to the project combined with the industry partners, who bring their expertise and resources. The third aspect is that every project includes students from our mechanical, electrical, electronic, engineering and even our computer technology programs.”

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