Kyle Landry

Kyle Landry, Chef Professor and Lab Technician at the Food & Beverage Innovation Centre (FBIC), is a seasoned culinary professional, having spent a dozen years in fine dining restaurants, catering large events and running his own personal chef services. Before coming to Niagara College seven years ago, Landry worked in a variety of fine dining and winery restaurants in Canada and England; locally, these included … Continue reading Kyle Landry »

Gary Dolch


Gary Dolch has been teaching construction technologies at Niagara College since 2000, although he has also added renewable technologies to his teaching roster. Dolch’s main research areas have been in sustainable construction, building codes and specs, and in building construction and heat loss. Dolch brings with him many years of experience in the industry, most recently as a deputy chief building official. He has also … Continue reading Gary Dolch »

Dr. Amy Proulx


Research and research-related activities have taken up most of Dr. Amy Proulx’s professional career. Currently the program co-ordinator for Culinary Innovation and Food Technology Academic Program at Niagara College, and Technical Research Leader for the Food & Beverage Innovation Centre (FBIC). Proulx is a food scientist by training, and passionate about food all around. She holds undergraduate and master’s degrees in food science from the University … Continue reading Dr. Amy Proulx »