Lyndon William Ashton

As the Associate Director, Economic Development and Planning, for Niagara College’s Research & Innovation Division (R&I), Lyndon is responsible for managing R&I’s commercial initiatives, including the Food & Beverage Innovation Centre Beverage Research & Development Pilot Plant, and leading strategic planning activities across the division in collaboration with its various innovation centres and networks. Lyndon also leads relationship development at the ecosystem level and works … Continue reading Lyndon William Ashton »

Brad Barta

As Pilot Plant Production Specialist (PPPS) with the Food & Beverage Innovation Centre, Brad Barta is responsible for the overall management and operation of the Centre’s Beverage and Liquids R&D Pilot Processing Facility (the “Pilot Plant”). This includes delivering, maintaining and training of good manufacturing practices; accountability for regulatory compliance (including recordkeeping and audits); budgeting; maintaining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), technical quotations; supervision, supervising Pilot … Continue reading Brad Barta »

Dr. Angela Tellez-Lance

As an engineer and highly respected food scientist, Angela Tellez-Lance has garnered what is considered a unique combination of skills in the food industry. She has earned international recognition for her expertise in food microbiology, food quality, risk analysis and incident management, and has designed and implemented processes to solve food safety problems efficiently. She has also trained more than 1,800 food safety managers and … Continue reading Dr. Angela Tellez-Lance »

Dr. Robert Lencki

With a 25-year career as a research professor, including with one of the top-ranked agri-food universities in the world, it is no wonder Robert Lencki, PhD, is considered the cream of the crop in his field. Prior to retiring from academia seven years ago, Lencki spent the previous 23 years with the University of Guelph as an educator in their elite food science program – … Continue reading Dr. Robert Lencki »

Stephanie Skotidas

Stephanie Skotidas is the Research & Development Technologist with the Food & Beverage Innovation Centre (FBIC). Working on a variety of applied research projects and technical services for FBIC, Stephanie supports activities related to product development, recipe formulation, sensory evaluations, primary and secondary research and analytical services. Stephanie also works collaboratively with industry partners, faculty, students and graduates in the FBIC food and beverage labs.  … Continue reading Stephanie Skotidas »

Kyle Landry

Kyle Landry, Chef Professor and Lab Technician at the Food & Beverage Innovation Centre (FBIC), is a seasoned culinary professional, having spent a dozen years in fine dining restaurants, catering large events and running his own personal chef services. Before coming to Niagara College seven years ago, Landry worked in a variety of fine dining and winery restaurants in Canada and England; locally, these included … Continue reading Kyle Landry »