Niagara Research helps graduate secure bright future

Brett Howe’s employment past took him down many diverse paths, and times of uncertainty, but his future is set in one clear direction, thanks to his experiences at Niagara College.

Brett graduates this spring from the Mechanical Engineering program at Niagara College. While attending classes full-time at the college, he was hired as a research assistant with Niagara Research’s advanced manufacturing group, working on projects that involved product and process re-design and improvement for small and medium-sized companies in Niagara.

Before classes ended, Brett was hired by APC Filtration Inc., from Ancaster, as the CAD Technician within the engineering department. Brett notes that the company plans an expansion for next year, which will result in the formation of separate CAD and engineering departments. As a result, he is already being brought up to speed to take over the CAD department when the new technicians are brought on board.

Brett was up against a dozen mechanical engineering technicians and technologists who graduated from other college programs. As a result of his experience in class and in the research lab, APC not only offered him the job, they also offered him $8,000 more per year above the initial starting salary.

“They were very impressed with the level of education supplied by Niagara College, and the experience I had gained from Niagara Research,” Brett says.

Brett Howe, far right, worked with Niagara Research faculty and fellow students on a project to improve the machine that makes Paper Nuts, an environmentally friendly packing material.