A.R.M.M. (Ambulation Re-training Mobility Mechanims) Prototype Service Improvements

B.I.S.E.P. creates new technologies and devices to enhance human performance in sport, exercise & rehabilitation. As a Kinesiologist, the President/CEO Daniel Bordenave has practiced mobility and ambulation training across a variety of different facilities. He noticed in all facilities that training, specifically with individuals who were learning to walk again, was conducted in a relatively unsafe and inefficient manner. As a result, Dan designed a prototype that aims to improve this situation. The accessory prototype bridges wheelchairs to walkers making the transition to walking safer and more efficient. In an earlier project, BISEP Inc. has sought the help of the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre to improve upon its design and manufacturability for alpha testing with patients. As a result of these tests, some observations regarding the robustness and strength of the frame, as well as the adjusting means, have been recorded. B.I.S.E.P. has now approached the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre to address these observations with further design improvements. 

In particular, it has been observed that although the existing aluminum prototype is a valuable therapeutic device, in service the aluminum frame and fastening areas are becoming damaged, and the telescopic adjustment method is not lasting. Accordingly, in this project, Walker A will comprehensively assess the best choice of frame materials (aluminum vs. welded and painted steel), with particular attention to in service strength, manufacturing cost, and compatible fastener and telescopic adjustment methods. Keeping in mind the patient environment, smooth surfaces that are easy to clean will be preferred.

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