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Paula Reile is the Research Program Manager overseeing the Business & Commercialization Innovation Centre. In this role, she guides a team offering real-world solutions to small- and medium-sized enterprises in areas such as initial market research to full commercialization strategies, as well as a suite of business operations solutions. Paula is a graduate of two Niagara College programs: Sales & Marketing (2016) and Advanced Marketing Administration (2017); soon after, she started her own marketing company. She also has a number of years experience working with the Research & Innovation division at the College. Prior to her post as Project Manager, she spent seven months as a Research Lead with the Business & Commercialization Innovation Centre and before that, she was a Research Assistant, where she provided new and existing businesses with marketing solutions. Paula spent a decade in the insurance industry prior to pursuing marketing as a career.


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Research Program Manager, BCIC
Daniel J. Patterson Campus
Helen Duffy

Helen Duffy is a Research Lead with the Business & Commercialization Solutions team. In this role, she supports student and post-graduate research assistants in offering real world solutions to business seeking to solve various business challenges. Helen holds a post graduate certificate in Public Relations and Events Management through the Public Relations Institute of Ireland, a Master’s degree in Community and International Development and a BA degree in Economic and Social Policy which are both awarded by the National University of Ireland, Galway.  

She has worked for several years with various business ranging from Fortune 500 companies, media organizations, start-ups, research organizations and social enterprises. Prior to her current role as a Research Lead, she worked in communications and marketing roles primarily with a focus on marketing strategy.   

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Research Lead
Daniel J. Patterson Campus

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