Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre Projects

Niagara College, through its Research & Innovation Division, supports collaborative research projects in various disciplines that may involve product and process applied research, engineering design, technology development, product testing, proof of concept, and piloting and problem solving. Nearby small- and medium-sized businesses benefit from gaining access to the College’s adept faculty, students, and recent graduates, while exploring opportunities for innovation.

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We have recently partnered with industry to conduct these exciting projects:

Royal Canadian Mead / New Skew
Broya Bone Broth
Iron Will Raw Inc.
Vines to Vintages
Chocolate F/X Inc.
Vailmont Vineyards Ltd.
Bald Baker
Rich Products
Valley Growers
Reinhart Foods Ltd.
Lemoon Beverage Company
Gabriella’s Kitchen
Rubee Roselle
Ontario Craft Brewers Association (OCB)
Planet Bean
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre
Niagara Food Specialties
The Smokin’ Buddha
Inniskillin Niagara Estate
Ontario Hop Growers’ Association
Vij’s at Home
Jal Gua Inc.
Community Living
Kashruth Council of Canada
Black Angus Fine Meats and Game
Cankosh Inc.
MADD Virgin Drinks
Spirit Tree Estate Cidery
Durham Foods
Colossus of Rhodes
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