Services, Pricing, and Turnaround Times

Services & Pricing

Quantity Required* Lab Service Description Price per sample**
100g Harvest Package: Alpha acids, beta acids, hop storage index (H.S.I.) values + moisture analysis $70
100g Alpha acids, beta acids, hop storage index (H.S.I.) values $50
50g Moisture analysis $30

* Samples can be dry cones (dried to 10% moisture), hop pellets or wet hops
** Ontario Hop Growers’ Association (OHGA) members to receive a 15% discount

Terms of Service

  • • Lab tests are conducted using official methods of the American Society of Brewing Chemists.
  • • An invoice will be sent to each client by email after the analysis is complete, payment is due within 30 days (via credit card, cheque or money order).

Turnaround times

  • • Alpha & Beta Acids and Hop Storage Index (H.S.I.): hop samples are analyzed on Thursdays, provided they are received by the College by 4 p.m. on Wednesday. Results will be sent via email within 2 business days. More testing days will be allocated during harvest time if there is greater demand.
  • • Moisture content analysis (on its own): results are provided via email within 2 business days of receipt of samples.
  • • For testing at other times of the year, please contact [email protected] for turnaround times.

Submission Form Instructions

Once you send an email to [email protected], you will receive a submission form.

1. Include the date you are submitting your samples.

2. For each hop sample being submitted, indicate a ‘client sample identification’ (unique name for each hop sample), variety of hop sample, and sample type (dry cones, wet cones, or hop pellets) in the required fields.

3. Ontario Hop Growers’ Association (OHGA) ‘opt in’: a key OHGA objective is to help develop a high quality brand for Ontario hops. The Association therefore asks that members ‘opt in’ – whereby your results will be averaged with all others of the same varieties to provide a single number for each that can be tracked on a year-by-year basis. None of your personal information or your individual test results will be shared. If you are an OHGA member, indicate your preference in the designated area on the form, with your signature, regarding this request.

4. Review the final price, terms of service, and sign the bottom of the submission form to accept pricing and terms.

5. Include this completed form with your sample submission.

Hop sample types, packaging and shipping instructions

  1. Hop samples can be received in one of three formats:
  • • Dry cones (dry each sample down to approximately 10% moisture) – this is the best way to test hops
  • • Wet cones
  • • Pellets

It is important that your sample be representative. We suggest you select samples from at least four different places:

  • • Hopyard: select from different plants and locations
  • • Piled wet, dry, or pelletized: select from the bottom, top, and sides
  • • Bagged or baled: select from different bags/bales and locations within

2. Each sample must be at least 100g (or 50g if you only require moisture testing).

3. Clearly label each sample package with the same unique ‘client sample identification’ you indicated on the submission form.

4. Packaging tips:

  • • Remove air to vacuum seal the package.
  • • Place contents in a plastic bag: avoid clear plastic bags if possible, opaque is best.

5. Place your sample(s) in an envelope and mail, ship or hand deliver to the following address:

ATTN: Kelly Byer, Room W008
135 Taylor Rd. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario L0S 1J0
Phone: 905-641-2252 (ext. 4279)

Receiving hours: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday-Friday.

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