Empowering farmers with high technology, low cost

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered multispectral imaging camera sensors are revolutionizing the modern agricultural landscape. With specialized remote-sensing technology, farmers have even more visual information to monitor crop anomalies and manage their fields more efficiently. Multispectral imaging – whether aboard an aerial drone or land robot – provides precise, targeted information that the human eye is incapable …Continue reading »

NC experts plant research seeds at OFVC

Flooding, severe storms, shorter winters, droughts – all of these weather conditions can have a significant impact on crops. Agriculture meteorologists offer specific weather forecasts to help farmers make decisions regarding their crops, or even preventative decisions if necessary. What if looking at weather data differently allowed growers the opportunity to determine crop suitability according …Continue reading »

Optimizing productivity for local robotics company

A local robotics company has seen their assembly times cut in half and has experienced a “drastic” reduction in rework and quality issues. This is thanks to an engineering productivity assessment completed by Niagara College’s Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (WAMIC). St. Catharines-based Factory Surplus Direct (FSD) is a source for automation and robotics parts …Continue reading »

Reverse engineering a game changer for industry partner

left: The 115-tonne gantry crane at CMI Heavy Industries that needed to get back into operation; right: Dave McKechnie, research laboratory technologist at WAMIC, performs the tricky laser scanning procedure in order to get precise measurements. Reverse engineering is the process of extracting design information from a device, object, or system through analysis of its …Continue reading »