RoamIO Land Robot Hits the Ground

Text by: Michael Hanemaayer   Last fall, the Research & Innovation division at Niagara College welcomed a new member to its team in the form of the land rover RoamIO Jumbo, which has opened the door to new opportunities for future industry partners in precision agriculture. Built by Korechi Innovations, the RoamIO Jumbo is a …Continue reading »

Where are they now?: Brendan Spearin

  Brendan Spearin is a 2013 graduate of Niagara College’s GIS – Geospatial Management program and was a GIS Research Associate for Research & Innovation’s Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre from 2012 to 2014. Brendan is currently the Aquatic Invasive Species, Regional Coordinator for Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO). A little about what your …Continue reading »

Dr. Mike Duncan: Changing the face of ag tech

Inside the research lab at Niagara College’s Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre where Mike Duncan,PhD and his team are exploring sophisticated technologies, including robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Without question, Carl Sagan had an effect on many scientists during his life and enduring legacy. For Research & Innovation’s Mike Duncan, who has his …Continue reading »