A modern approach to mead

The CFWI Innovation Centre team, in collaboration with Royal Canadian Mead, produced four session meads during the research project: Niagara Peach (All Day Croquet); Ontario Cherry (Quarter Life Crisis); Ontario Wildflower (Awkward Dinner); and Hopped Buckwheat (Feels Like Fridays). Mead – a fermented beverage comprised of honey, water, yeast, and occasionally other fruits, spices or …Continue reading »

POSITION AVAILABLE with our Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre team

Software Developer, Senior Research Associate The successful candidate will work on a variety of applied research projects to develop tools and resource materials for farms, crop representative organizations and technology companies, in support of the Ontario Centres of Excellence Applied Research Development Fund. He or she will work on precision agriculture applied research projects from …Continue reading »

NOW HIRING: Greenhouse Research Assistant position available with our Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre team

Greenhouse Research Assistant The individuals will work with the Faculty Leads to oversee plant growth, apply fertilizers/irrigation, etc., and assess and measure growth. The successful candidates will collect data from the growing trials and help to prepare update reports and a final report summarizing the final results. Click HERE to see the full job posting. …Continue reading »