‘Pot prof’ leading trailblazing cannabis IPM research

In the world of insect biological control, the nearly microscopic Trichogramma wasps are the beneficial powerhouse in the parasitoid arena – destroying the eggs of menacing pests, preventing the devouring of entire crops.  These natural control agents are also why Niagara College professor Sébastien Jacob remained in the entomology field, rather than following his second …Continue reading »

NEW POSITION AVAILABLE: Cannabis Research Assistant with our Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre team

Cannabis Research Assistant Reporting to the Research Project Manager for the Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre, the Research Assistant will work with Research and Faculty leads, as well as the Research Laboratory Technologist, to assist with overseeing and establishing research experiments, to maintain plant growth, apply fertilizers/irrigation, etc., and to assess and measure plants …Continue reading »

Innovative snacks get help to the market

As a busy health professional and a new father, chiropractor Colin Swala started to recognize the challenges in the eating habits of families. He noticed that people were skipping important meals and tended to grab unhealthy snacks on the go.   “This meant that important nutrition was missing from their diets, leading to low energy and many of the symptoms we associate with stress,” notes Swala.  …Continue reading »

POSITION AVAILABLE: Footcare Project Assistant position available with our Research & Innovation team

Footcare Project Assistant The Footcare Project Assistant is a role that encompasses two roles (Research & Footcare Assessment Assistant) and is dependent on the work available with restrictions due to the pandemic. As a Research Assistant, the selected candidate will work remotely and meet regularly with the Research Project manager and other members of the …Continue reading »

R&I efforts to protect healthcare workers recognized

With files from InsideNC  Niagara College has received commendation from the Niagara Region for its role in assisting the community this past year during the pandemic. Award of Merit certificates were recently presented to the College in honour of Research & Innovation’s exemplary support of healthcare workers through the manufacturing and donation of face shields, and for the Canadian Food & Wine …Continue reading »