Niagara College undergoing landmark cannabis-infused edibles research for agri-food sector

Food scientist Zhengtao Zhao, PhD, (foreground) and research assistant Umar Sher, inside the labs at the CFWI Innovation Centre working on standard operations procedures for the Electrosprayer, used to encapsulate CBD and THC for stability purposes.   Supporting product development and advancing scientific knowledge around cannabis edibles Niagara College is once again at the forefront …Continue reading »

Current Job Opportunities

Research & Innovation is now accepting applications for the following positions with the Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre team:   • Research Assistant, Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre   • Brewery Research Assistant, Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre   • Distillation Research Assistant, Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation …Continue reading »

SoilOptix launches AETIC-created data portal

For growers to capture the full potential of their soil, they need to know what the soil is providing. Enter SoilOptix®, a high-definition top-soil mapping company, using precision agriculture technology to help farmers understand and improve the health of their fields to grow better crops. And the Tavistock, Ont. company has recently launched what it …Continue reading »

A novel solution to cannabis pest

One of the fiercest opponents facing the cannabis industry is the rice root aphid (Rhopalosiphum rufiabdominalis). Their feeding on cannabis roots can affect plant growth, vigor and productivity. Further, winged adults can become tangled in the sticky trichomes of flowers, and their presence can significantly compromise the plant’s quality and value. To date, few registered …Continue reading »

Welcome to the modern greenhouse

By Rita Sterne, PhD, project manager Greenhouse Technology Network Did you know that modern greenhouses are largely automated and highly controlled environments to produce safe and fresh food and flowers? We are lucky here in Niagara to live close to one of the most vibrant and productive clusters of greenhouses in North America. Led by …Continue reading »