‘Unique’ climate data can help farmers prepare: NC researcher

If sophisticated weather data analysis is any indication, Mother Nature does not have a farm-friendly forecast in store for Southern Ontario growers.   Instead of historically predictable weather – one reason Niagara has flourished as the fruit belt – one high-tech projection is calling for more significant, more extreme, and more variable rain rates. This according …Continue reading »

Where Are They Now?: Dalton Pearson

Dalton Pearson is a 2019 graduate of Niagara College’s Computer Programming program and served as both a research assistant and research associate with the Research & Innovation division, most recently with the Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre. Dalton is currently employed as a software systems engineer for Praemo in Kitchener. Tell us about where …Continue reading »

Empowering farmers with high technology, low cost

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered multispectral imaging camera sensors are revolutionizing the modern agricultural landscape. With specialized remote-sensing technology, farmers have even more visual information to monitor crop anomalies and manage their fields more efficiently. Multispectral imaging – whether aboard an aerial drone or land robot – provides precise, targeted information that the human eye is incapable …Continue reading »

NC experts plant research seeds at OFVC

Flooding, severe storms, shorter winters, droughts – all of these weather conditions can have a significant impact on crops. Agriculture meteorologists offer specific weather forecasts to help farmers make decisions regarding their crops, or even preventative decisions if necessary. What if looking at weather data differently allowed growers the opportunity to determine crop suitability according …Continue reading »