Program manager’s expertise embodied by versatility

Amal Driouich

It doesn’t say it on any of her degrees or professional credentials, but Amal Driouich is a versatile engineer. In title, she’s technically an industrial engineer who recently earned her Professional Engineer (P.Eng) designation. But to be an industrial engineer, Driouich had to take courses in civil, electrical, chemical, software and mechanical engineering. She also …Continue reading »

HandyScan lives up to its name testing both new and older parts

It looks like something a gamer would keep in their repertoire to edge out the competition in a hard-fought, virtual battle. But while the Creaform HandyScan won’t help anyone rid the video game world of bad guys, it certainly gives Niagara College’s Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (WAMIC) and its industry partners a leg up …Continue reading »

Co-op opportunity with WAMIC solidified benefits of team work

Elzo Honorato graduated from the Computer Programming Analysis (Co-op) program at Niagara College in 2021. While in school he was employed with the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (WAMIC), earning experience working on projects with external industry partners. Today, he is a data consultant with Newcomp Analytics.  Tell us about where you work (name and …Continue reading »

Company tests thermal energy use in electric vehicles

Soaring gas prices and emissions targets are paving the way for electric vehicles to become more mainstream. But while they may be good for the planet, electric vehicles aren’t without their shortcomings, including being unable to drive long distances without having to stop to recharge. “Range is one of the biggest problems electric vehicles have,” …Continue reading »

POSITION AVAILABLE: Manager, Business Development with our R&I team

Business Development Manager

Applications are invited for the position of Manager, Business Development in the Research & Innovation Division, located at the Welland Campus. Reporting to the Associate Director, Research & Innovation, the successful candidate leads the growth of applied research projects and technical services in all forms, for the Research & Innovation division, including recruiting for and …Continue reading »