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Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre

The Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre team offers a full suite of services to support industry innovation and commercialization of new products and processes. From new recipe development to shelf-life testing and nutritional labelling, the CFWI Innovation Centre pairs industry partners with faculty, recent graduates and students with the right expertise and equipment to meet your needs.

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We Specialize In:

  • recipe-development


    Accessing CFWI’s world-class culinary, beverage and food science expertise, facilities, and equipment to create and improve food and beverage products.

    • Develop new products to expand existing revenue streams
    • Improve existing products to enhance competitive positioning
    • Enter new product categories with unique product offerings
    • Increase product quality and ease of operations
    • Assist with ingredient sourcing, co-packing referrals, and packaging recommendations
  • regulatory-assistance

    Food and Beverage Safety and Regulatory Assistance

    Guiding clients through applicable food safety and regulatory standards.

    • Develop HACCP/GFSI Plans and Food Safety Documentation:
      • Critical Control Point Validation
      • Process Lethality Evaluation
      • Traceability and Recall Programs
      • Internal Audit Assistance
    • Ensure product/process is in compliance with food safety standards and regulations
    • Food Safety Education and Training


  • Laboratory Services

    Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of food and beverages in our research laboratories.

    • Microbiology Lab (Biosafety Level 2), with food-safety capabilities that offers a range of microbiological tests (such as shelf-life testing, challenge testing, etc.).
    • Chemistry Lab, equipped with a full suite of chemical analytical instruments (such as U-HPLC, GC-FID, etc.) capable of testing the components in food and beverage products.
    • Food Quality Lab, offering analysis of quality attributes of food and beverage products (such as Water Activity, pH, texture analysis, ABV, etc.).
    • Shelf-life Lab, offering testing of various food industry processes (such as cooking and pasteurization, modified atmosphere effects, etc.).
  • product-development

    Sensory Analysis and Consumer Testing

    Engaging chefs and beverage specialists, trained panelists, and consumers in sensory testing to provide feedback for food and beverage products.

    • Conduct sensory panels with trained panelists to guide product development process
    • Evaluate products through ‘Golden Palate’ tastings with our Chef Professors or Beverage Specialists
    • Carry out consumer testing to gauge market’s perception of product
  • nutritional-labelling

    Nutritional Labelling Services

    Creating labeling content for new and existing products to meet regulatory standards.

    • Develop Nutrition Facts Tables (NFTs) and associated nutrition label claims
    • Create Ingredient statements and Allergen declarations for product label

  • Hops, Beer & Cider Analysis

    The Canadian Food & Wine Institute (CFWI) Innovation Centre is offering cost-effective Analysis Services for the 2018 season. Click the links below to learn more.



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