Industry Advisory Committee

The Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre has an industry advisory committee (IAC) that has been in existence for four years, since our Technology Access Centre (TAC) was established.

The committee, which meets four times a year, operates as a requirement from the TAC funder, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), reviewing the activities of WAMIC. The IAC oversees proper planning, allocation of resources, effective progress towards centre objectives, financial control, and interaction among all the participants, as well as periodic examination and adjustment of goals, priorities, time frames and milestones.

Goals of the IAC:

    • Responsibility for ensuring sound organizational structure and clear lines of accountability (management, business direction, and fiscal responsibility)
    • Provide accountability to NSERC, to contributing partners and to clients of the centre
    • Periodic evaluation of progress toward TAC objectives, adjustment of goals, priorities, timeframes and milestones
    • Board must be aware and approve any major reallocations of funds and budgetary changes (20% or more of a budget item)
    • Provide strategic advice to TAC




Kevin Jacobi
Executive Director, Canada BW Logistic
Marco Marino
Economic Development Officer, City of St. Catharines
Scott Hickey
Senior Manager, Composite Manufacturing – Airbus Helicopters


Kate Flynn
Director of Operations, Stolk Construction


Caralee Grummett
General Manager, Economic Development Town of Fort Erie


Richard Krysiak
President, Tradewood Windows and Doors Inc.

Kevin Hooiveld
Vice President Operations, The Book Depot


Christopher Janzen
Senior Business Analyst, Innovate Niagara


Gary Long
CAO, City of Welland


Blake Landry
Manager, Economic Research & Analysis, Niagara Region Economic Development


John Cartier
Global Materials Manager, GE

James Stokes
Project Engineer, Arterra Wines Canada
Gene Stodolak
Senior Product Manager, NRB Inc.


Terry Mactaggart (advisor/non-voting)
President and CEO, Ultimate Kiosk


Leigh Cutler (advisor/non-voting)
President, GGS Structures


Angela Naar


We thank the Industry Advisory Committee members for sharing their time, talent, and industry expertise with us as we shape the future direction of the Technology Access Centre at the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre.


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