Dr. Branka Milunovic

As the research laboratory technologist for the Horticultural & Environmental Sciences Innovation Centre (HESIC), Branka Milunovic, PhD, manages all horticulture and greenhouse research labs and equipment. She collaborates with students and graduate research associates to support the success of applied research projects, mainly for the Greenhouse Technology Network (GTN). This Niagara College-led initiative brings together research institutions and greenhouse and technology businesses to accelerate the development, commercialization and adoption of new technologies.

As an experienced plant molecular biologist, Branka brings more than two decades of experience in research, field trials project management and expertise in a GMP microbiology lab. After receiving her doctorate in biology from McMaster University (2011), Branka managed the operations of a research lab as a post-doc scientist at McMaster University and later worked in research for the University of Saskatchewan. She recently served as a research technician for the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, applied genomics group and Platform Genetics Inc.

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