Dr. Dawit Eshetu

Dawit Eshetu is known for his deep commitment to global issues, international development and working for effective social change. Describing himself as a “global citizen,” the Niagara College professor has broad consulting and volunteering experience with international organizations in three continents.

His most recent volunteer mission was a six-month trip to Africa. “I helped non-profit organizations and higher education institutions in Ethiopia with capacity building, partnership development, as well as project monitoring and evaluation framework,” he explains.

In his role as Professor and Program Coordinator at the School of Business, Hospitality and Tourism, Eshetu brings more than 10 years of teaching and research experience in international business, international and regional development, foreign direct investment and competitiveness and social innovation.

He’s currently using this broad expertise in his role as a research lead for the Research & Innovation Division at Niagara College. His most recent research project involves working directly with the division’s Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre to conduct an industry needs assessment.

“This research project that the team and I are working on is designed to help the Centre identify potential industry partners,” he explains. “In addition, we have been looking at strategies to promote and deliver these services to existing and new partners.’

Since coming to Niagara College a little more than a decade ago, Eshetu has led successful efforts to develop programs, promote academic excellence and brand programs. He is the founding member and team leader of flagship and award-winning programs at the college and has been honoured with numerous excellence awards, as part of a team and as an individual, including Educator of the Year in 2012.

Eshetu was born and raised in Ethiopia, studied in Germany (he holds a PhD in International Business & Development and a Master’s in Development Studies, Small Enterprise Promotion) and travelled and worked in several others before settling in Canada – more specifically in Niagara, where he can often be found running or playing soccer in his spare time.

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