Kyle Landry

Kyle Landry, Chef Professor and Lab Technician at the Food & Beverage Innovation Centre (FBIC), is a seasoned culinary professional, having spent a dozen years in fine dining restaurants, catering large events and running his own personal chef services.

Before coming to Niagara College seven years ago, Landry worked in a variety of fine dining and winery restaurants in Canada and England; locally, these included Olson Foods at Ravine Winery, as Head Chef to Michael and Anna Olson; Casino Fallsview; Prince of Wales Hotel; Peller Estates Winery Restaurant; and Hillebrand Estates Winery Restaurant.

These days, Landry’s kitchen knowledge is also being utilized by the Research & Innovation division in his role as research lead for the Food & Beverage Innovation Centre at the Daniel J. Patterson campus in Niagara-on-the-Lake. In current recent project, he guided students through recipe development for fermentation productions, such as misos and vinegars for a local restaurant partner.

“The research projects inspire such a sense of pride in the culinary students and I love the science of it when the students have that eureka moment!” he observes proudly. “These students are solving real problems and inventing new compounds and recipes while helping a business in need.”

In addition to ensuring the FBIC’s culinary labs are stocked and running smoothly, Landry has also carved out a niche in food handling and teaches the College’s food safety course, providing essential safe preparation procedures to prevent food borne illnesses.

The Nova Scotia native is a graduate of the reputable Culinary Institute of Canada in Prince Edward Island. Still passionate about learning, the Maritimer is currently enrolled in the College’s food science programs and is excited about where such knowledge could lead.