Beverage Analysis Services

THE CANADIAN FOOD & WINE INSTITUTE INNOVATION CENTRE team offers a full suite of services to support industry innovation and commercialization of new products and processes. Our research laboratories, located at our Niagara-on-the-Lake campus, now offer beverage analysis. 

We are committed to helping you consistently produce beverages that meet regulatory and quality standards. To support this, in addition to our standard analytical services, we offer Quality Assurance Packages* which provide discounts for regularly scheduled testing. Available in quarterly, bi-monthly and monthly packages, these also include an on-going report summary so you can easily keep track of results. 

We are happy to announce that, in partnership with the Ontario Craft Brewers, we offer a 15% discount to all OCB members on beer analysis services.


Testing is conducted using an Anton Paar Beverage Analyzer or official methods of the American Society of Brewing Chemists.


Beer Cider Mead Kombucha Spirits & Liqueurs
• Alcohol by volume • Alcohol by volume • Alcohol by volume • Alcohol by volume • Alcohol by volume
• Calories • Calories • Calories • CO2 • Colour
• Colour • Colour • Colour • pH • pH
• CO2 • CO2 • CO2    
• Extracts • Extracts • Extracts    
• Haze • Haze • Haze    
• pH • pH • pH    
• IBU        


For more information please contact Kelly Byer:
t: 905-641-2252, ext. 4279
e: [email protected]

*Please note: the entire yearly cost is due in full with the first service. The same product must be analyzed for each service, and must be a commercially-available product in commercial packaging. While we will send you reminders, it is your responsibility to send in samples in a timely manner.

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