David Stovell

David Stovell, Research Lead at WAMIC

David Stovell is the Research Lead for the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre and is the Program Coordinator and Professor for the Computer Programmer and Computer Programmer Analyst program at Niagara College (NC). He has been teaching for over 30 years – 24 of those years being at NC. David studied math and physics at the University of Toronto and holds a Certificate from Georgian College in Teaching and Training Adults. David is a member of NC’s Program Advisory Committees for Computer Programming and Analysis and Computer Programming programs.

In his role as Research Lead with WAMIC, he helps companies adopt digital technologies, specifically web-based database applications. Through the Community Sponsored Project course, Dave has led student teams to create and deploy inventory management applications, document management systems and custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

Previous to his teaching career, David held the positions of Nuclear Reactor Operator, Health Physics Instructor, Computer Programmer, Database Developer and Computer Hardware Service Technician. Currently, he is active as a consultant in the software development industry, specializing in catering management software for hotels and convention centers.

Some of his most notable programming projects include: a Work Process Tracking system for SoilOptix®,  customizing the CRM (constituent relationship management) software for the offices of the Solicitor General of Canada; sales prospecting and operational management software for Tangerine Concepts in St. Catharines, Ontario; development of solutions for several credit unions across Ontario and Prince Edward Island to solve issues they encountered with legacy system integration.