Gavin Robertson

While Gavin Robertson once studied the Classics, he concentrates his efforts these days on making vintage versions of the drinkable kind.

The winemaker followed his university education at Dalhousie with a diploma in Niagara College’s Winery and Viticulture Technician Program.

He has seven years’ experience in the Ontario wine industry, as a cellar hand, assistant winemaker, winemaker, vineyard manager and winery consultant; and he has worked as a vintage winemaker in Central Otago, New Zealand and Tasmania, Australia.

Recently, he has overseen the development of both a sparkling wine and a hard cider program at Niagara College. Research projects include pomegranate wine recipe development and the Nuance lees filtration system validation.

At the Teaching Winery, Gavin oversees production of the commercial wines and cider, manages the Niagara College vineyard, and oversees the students’ practicum work placements. Gavin also teaches several courses, including basic and advanced winemaking; pruning and trellis maintenance; and general viticulture.

His commercial wines have received numerous awards, including Best in Show for the 2012 Dean’s List Merlot at the 2015 Royal Wine Competition.