Niagara College’s Research Opportunity Fund

Niagara College (NC) is committed to the professional development and innovative/trailblazing spirit of its employees and is therefore supporting research initiated by College employees within the bounds of available resources.

According to the Niagara College Strategic Plan 2022-2027, NC is an innovative community. We act swiftly to “seize opportunities and overcome challenges with tenacity.” [1] In our innovative spirit, we look for new ground and new horizons, while being flexible, taking risks with “bold, calculated moves.” Yet at the same time, we pursue sustainability in all we do, being conscientious in the use of environmental, physical, human, and financial resources.

The key areas of focus in the Niagara College Strategic Plan will form the key themes for projects to be considered under the Research Opportunity Fund (ROF). They include:

  • • Wholistic Student Experience
  • • Alumni and Partner Engagement
  • • Academic Excellence
  • • Social Inclusion and Environmental Sustainability
  • • Global Reach
  • • Organizational Excellence

In this Trailblazing spirit, NC will therefore directly support research and scholarly activity of its employees through the ROF. Administered by the Research & Innovation (R&I) division, and existing as a stream under the Dream Big Fund, the ROF has been created to nurture and cultivate research and innovation at NC. This fund will provide financial support to its employees who wish to pursue activities that support the research interests of the NC community. The support provided through the ROF will build organizational capacity, contribute to the excellence of the College, and promote employee professional development through the conduct of research. 

NC also recognizes that a welcoming and inclusive culture is strengthened by a diversity of perspectives and talents that allow students and employees to thrive. Throughout this process, we are therefore committed to ensuring an equitable, diverse, and inclusive learning, work and research environment.

[1] Niagara College Strategic Plan 2022-2027, pg 26.

Goals of the Program

The goals of the ROF program include the following:

      • Foster the culture of innovation at Niagara College
      • Build capacity at NC for research and innovation
      • Recognize and support innovative ideas of NC employees
      • Provide greater research opportunities for students
      • Provide professional development for NC employees
      • Improve operations at the college
      • Engage with the Niagara community


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Niagara College’s Research & Innovation provides real-world solutions for business, industry and the community through innovation activities.
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