Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre

At Niagara College’s Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (WAMIC) you can access leading-edge technology, including equipment and software, as well as expert staff to support your innovation goals. We specialize in precision metrology, prototype design and development, process improvement and digital manufacturing (industry 4.0). From day-to-day support in your quality department to long-range new product plans, WAMIC is your competitive advantage.

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Find us on Research Facilities Navigator

We Specialize In:


    The scientific study of measurement and its application to establish a common understanding of units.

    • From tactile CMM accuracy down to 4um, to laser tracker distances of 35m, WAMIC has a range of 3D Dimensional Metrology Equipment to support your small part, sheet metal, assembly fixture, and facility measurement needs.
    • WAMIC can come to your location, or measure your part at our laboratory in Welland.
    • Post-processing with our state-of-the-art analysis software provides the answers you need.
  • product-design


    The process of creating a new product or improving an existing one.

    • With access to 3D design software, a unique workshop with a small CNC mill, an electronics workshop, and additive manufacturing capabilities, the team at WAMIC can design and prototype your new product idea.
  • Process Improvement at WAMIC


    To analyze and improve an existing process within your operations.

    • Accelerate schedules and increase efficiencies that improve performance, reduce costs and increase profits
    • Increased product quality and ease of operations
  • automation


    An integrated approach to manufacturing that uses computer technology to improve manufacturing operations.

    • Whether it be a complex virtual reality collaboration space, digital twinning of your facilities and equipment, or support for your migration from pen and paper to spreadsheets and the cloud, the team at WAMIC is here to support you as you digitize your operations.

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