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Through applied research activities, NC’s Research & Innovation division is preparing the workforce with the right know-how by providing an array of researcher expertise, supported by leading-edge facilities, technology and equipment.

See how graduates and R&I alumni are applying their skills and knowledge in the real world:



Vladimir Rogov is a 2020 graduate of Niagara College’s Greenhouse Technician (Co-op) program and was a greenhouse research assistant with Research & Innovation’s Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre (AETIC) for eight months.



Kyler Schwind is a 2020 graduate of Niagara College’s Culinary Innovation and Food Technology program. He was a research assistant with the Canadian Food & Wine Institute (CFWI) Innovation Centre from October 2018 to April 2020.



Artem Mekshun is a 2019 graduate of Niagara College’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), International Commerce and Global Development program. During his studies, Artem spent time with R&I’s Business & Commercialization Solutions team as both a research assistant and then research associate.



Daniela Cortes is a 2018 graduate of Niagara College’s Mechanical Engineering Technician program and was a Research Assistant – Process Improvement for Research & Innovation’s Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (WAMIC) for 18 months. She also graduated from NC’s Business – Sales and Marketing program in 2015.



Dale Hibrant is a 2013 graduate of Niagara College’s Environmental Technician Field and Laboratory Co-op program. He worked with Research & Innovation as a senior environmental research associate from May to December 2013. He is an environmental technologist with the Department of National Defence.



“[R&I] gave me the foundation of how to deal with real challenges in the real workforce, as well as provided networking opportunities within the food industry.”

2015 Culinary Innovation & Food Technology Program



“The transition of going from being a student to an employee is easier if you develop good communication skills and interpersonal skills early on…”

– JASON van de LAAR,
2012 Mechanical Engineering Technology program



“It’s important to try to expose yourself to as many new situations as possible, especially when just starting out. Take on tasks that you may not be familiar with and challenge yourself every day…”

2015 Culinary Innovation & Food Technology program




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Through applied research activities, Niagara College’s Research & Innovation division is equipping the workforce with today’s needed skill sets by providing an array of researcher expertise, supported by leading-edge facilities, technology and equipment. The division works with SMEs who wish to accelerate their technology adoption, develop prototypes, evaluate new technologies, and develop or improve new products and processes.