Bryan Mewhiney

In his role as co-ordinator in the new Renewable Energies Technician program, Bryan Mewhiney makes sure he practices what he preaches, carving out time for research projects that are heavily integrated with local industry. From developing the capacity to test the thermal resistance of insulating materials for the construction industry, to developing a new method of solar-power generation, Mewhiney devotes many of his waking hours … Continue reading Bryan Mewhiney »

Rick Baldin

Rick Baldin doesn’t like to hear pessimistic talk about the state of manufacturing in Niagara. The Research & Innovation faculty lead knows first-hand there are plenty of opportunities for skilled workers, and plenty of partnership possibilities for industry with Niagara College. The former GM engineering team leader has been putting his skills to the test in Niagara’s advanced manufacturing division, working on projects that develop … Continue reading Rick Baldin »

Dr. Mike Duncan


Dr. Mike Duncan is the Research Chair, Computer Technology with the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre. In the 11 years prior to this move, Mike and his team developed a number of enterprise level data processing portals for various purposes. These portals were designed to allow users to input data, store it, and manipulate it to create outputs relevant to their needs. For example, Mike … Continue reading Dr. Mike Duncan »