1000 Islands Lawn & Landscaping


Developing an Efficient Landscape Surface Cleaner

Project Type

Mechanical Engineering Design and Improvement


Over time, aging outdoor surfaces face problems such as brick shifting, statin buildup, cracking, and vegetation growth. The traditional landscaping method of pressure washer cleaning uses a lot of water and can create a mess. Harrison Olajos, owner of 1,000 Islands Lawn and Landscaping (1,000 Islands), based out of Brockville, Ont., had a concept but no means to create and test a functional prototype to improve the efficiency of outdoor surface cleaning and restoration.


The team took the original outdoor surface cleaning machine concept and made it a reality through collaborative efforts, prototype design, redesign, testing, and fabrication. They produced a working surface cleaning prototype that semi-automates the machine, recycling water, reducing water consumption and therefore completes the cleaning more efficiently. The company plans to use the prototype during the summer, with plans distribute it to franchisees after initial testing.