Amour It Inc.

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Amour It Inc. is a successful digital marketing company, having supported the digital implementation of many brands, they are ready to bring their own product to market. An old family recipe for what can be considered a pantry shortcut, or multi-purpose condiment. They want to ensure they have all the necessary information to enter the marketplace. Having already done the District Venture Kitchen Accelerator program, they were advised to speak with Research and Innovation for support. Amour It Inc. has great marketing knowledge, what they need support with to make sound business decisions early on is a comprehensive review of the condiment industry; consumer behaviours, buying preferences, whether shelf stable or refrigerated is better. Who would be their main competitors, how would they differentiate among them and who would their target market(s) be, and what are their behavioural and psychographic traits.  


Secondary Research was completed to observe consumer preferences and attitudes towards fresh, frozen, and shelf stable foods, along with considerations in bringing a fresh vs shelf stable product to market. In understanding the challenges with a shelf stable, and consumer preferences would allow for shelf stable products, the project focused on bringing a shelf stable product to market. The competitive landscape along with target market identification were completed utilizing secondary research. Proposed pricing strategies, and product positioning were provided.