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Mamaraderie has developed an online community for moms to connect, geared towards moms from prenatal to the adolescent stage. Having had success in their community, the desire to grow and scale to serve more communities is desired. In order to grow, research to understand the potential market size along with marketing and social media support to reach the target market in new areas.  


To develop a strategy and understand the positioning Mamaraderie is currently in and the gaps they can fill to grow within their existing market and to scale outside of their geographical area, a comprehensive review of the social groups/opportunities that exist for mothers was completed. This included a detailed analysis of social networking apps; this includes one for mothers and outside of this space. By doing this is provided insights into the user experience needed in social applications whether being web based or app based.  

Reviewing all types of social connection technology platforms lead to an understanding of the role technology is playing in today’s relationship development.  

A review of birth rates/ages in parts of Canada was observed to understand where Mamaraderie should expand when ready to do so.  

Target Market(s) were clearly identified which included data on key behaviours, wants, needs, social platforms, products purchased to understand how to promote and resonate with each identified market.  

While researching and reviewing and understanding that multiple revenue streams exist within the platform/community; these streams were clearly identified and laid out. This provides clarity on the business operations.   

Recommendations on how to scale the operation were provided, along with, a review of the past and current promotional efforts was completed. Recommendations on new efforts and how to reach the target market(s) were provided.

Funding: RBC Funded