Pump Pro Shop

Pump Pro Shop

Designing a Remote Sensing Application



Web and Mobile App Development


Pump Pro Shop is Ontario’s largest aftermarket and surplus pump inventory supplier, providing high-quality pumps, parts and service to a wide range of industry partners in the oil, paper, steel, and water-based industries. To add to the products and services offered, they asked the team to collaborate on designing a remote sensing application for use with rotating pump equipment. This application will gather temperature and vibration readings from the pump, display them visually in a web-based application, and alert end-users to readings that are outside of expected ranges. 


The research team designed a prototype sensor unit using a commercially available microcomputer, accelerometers, and temperature sensors. The team built a database and web and mobile applications to collect and analyze data from the pump and present it in an easy-to-read format to users. Alerts and notifications have been developed to notify users when the data is out of range.