Snow-lutions Inc.

Developing a Winterized De-Icing Proof-of-Concept Spray Head



Mechanical Engineering Design and Improvement


Based out of Niagara Falls, Snow-lutions Inc., is a technology and services company that has developed an all-season snow melting and fertilizing / irrigation application with its patented spray head system. This company has developed a method and system for distributing snow-melting fluid in the winter and nutrients during the summer months for selected surfaces such as driveways, parking lots, bridges, roofs and airport runways during the winter and garden areas and turf during the warmer months. The challenge it currently faces is its immediate need to produce a prototype and conduct proof-of-concept testing to verify the design of the components and the system.


As soon as the prototype is built and proof-of-concept testing performed, Snow-lutions will begin to market this system throughout Ontario and identify key suppliers to manufacture components of the system. It is the intention of this group to manufacture the system in Ontario, and continue to have its main office in the Niagara Region.