The Smokin’ Buddha

The Smokin' Buddha


Go Buddha and The Humberstone are extensions of The Smokin Buddha; a restaurant located in the canal district of Port Colborne. This organization is about bringing globally inspired cuisine and experiences based on their travels. Having a well-known brand in the Niagara Region, due to their impeccable quality and service, and having roots in a food truck that would be seen at every major event, they have set out to take their experiences to new endeavours Go Buddha; a to-go hot, cold, and frozen foods, from ready to eat, to enjoy later options. Additionally opening the Humberstone, a one-of-a-kind event fully catered event facility. This brand knows and understand hospitality on every level. In opening two new extensions to the business and being run by a small team, support in ensuring the right marketing strategies are deployed to not only sell to their already loyal base, but to become a destination hot spot. Still deciding on a name, the goal is having a parent company that manages all brands, having similarities, but also differences. The Business & Commercialization Innovation Centre is tasked with developing strategies that speak to the unique offerings of each branch of the business, but also having an omni-channel marketing approach, where you can tell the brands are still connected and the messaging resonates across all business lines. 


To develop an omni-channel marketing strategy and understand potential target markets for Buddha Hospitality Group, the team used secondary research to help uncover key insights of the restaurant, grab, and go, and event space industry was conducted. This includes an analysis of potential target markets including geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral factors research to aid in the development of promotional contents. Finally, a promotional strategy was developed and outlined utilizing information gathered from previous sections. Finally, media collateral to support the strategy was completed, this included six months of social content; including the use of short form videos and static posts. Product photography was completed, events package, and advertisements were created to increase the use of ecommerce.