Ultimate Kiosk

Ultimate Kiosk

Updating digital capability of hearing assessment technology

Project Type

Software Development


Ultimate Kiosk is a Canadian growth company that develops advanced hearing assessment technologies. Their state-of-the-art software and web technology connects dispensing professionals with those in need of their services via kiosk locations in various pharmacies, clinics, and other community venues. While the company developed cutting-edge software, enhancements and upgrades were needed to make the product globally competitive.


Niagara Research’s digital media team performed software enhancements to optimize the system server; added new features to the existing platforms, extending the hearing-related product reviews and purchases; and activated additional capabilities in the application, allowing for such things as the developing of industrial hearing testing for noise-exposed workers. The improvements have helped Ultimate Kiosk increase revenue streams, increase profits and potential jobs while providing a world-scale screening technology.