White Oaks Conference Resort & Spa

Grass-to-Organic Garden Conversion – Innovation for Sustainable Food


White Oaks wanted to convert 1,152 sq.ft. of their property from grass into a sustainable garden. The area was a road shoulder due to reconstruction of a public road and endures high winds, car residue, pollution, and human traffic. The White Oaks team did not have the expertise to convert this area that is not grass into a sustainable garden.


The Research & Innovation team converted the area from grass to an organic garden using sheet mulch, exploring the best methods to build soil structure, and researching plant selections that would thrive in the roadside conditions. The project provided White Oaks with a reliable grass-to-garden conversion method, a plan to maintain a healthy garden in the harsh conditions, produce to use within the food service operations, and an avenue to educate clients about sustainable food and property usage.