Niagara College Cannabis Institute (NCCI)


We are building the Niagara College Cannabis Institute based on strategic strengths of the future, by bringing the best of science, education and research to the cannabis industry.

The NCCI works with the following within Niagara College: the Agriculture and Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre; Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre; Canadian Food and Wine Institute Innovation Centre; International Division; Academic Schools of Study including Environment and Horticulture, Business, CFWI and Health; and Part-Time Studies and Workforce Development.


  • Research & Innovation


    The Niagara College Cannabis Institute has partnered with Niagara College’s Research & Innovation Division. Nearby small- and medium-sized businesses will benefit from gaining access to the College’s adept faculty, students, and recent graduates, while exploring opportunities for innovation.

  • Cannabis Indoor Cultivation Research Labs (Cannabunker)


    Affectionately dubbed the ‘cannabunker,’ an unpretentious metal structure behind a heavy chain link fence and strong security, is home to the teaching lab for the commercial cannabis production program at Niagara College, the first of its kind in Canada. The current academic cannabis production units at Niagara College are fully approved by Health Canada.



    The Food & Beverage Innovation Centre received its cannabis research licence, titled the “Niagara College Cannabis Edibles Applied Research Program,” March 9th, 2020. Different from more typical cannabis licenses focused on one researcher, one industry partner, and one protocol – our licence is a Single Site – Multiple Protocol Licence.

Work with us

Niagara College’s Research & Innovation provides real-world solutions for business, industry and the community through innovation activities.
For more information on these opportunities, contact Research & Innovation.