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and Variable-Rate Fertilizer and Seed Digital Tools

Agricultural Robotics, Sensors,
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Agriculture & Environmental Technologies
Innovation Centre

In light of growing environmental and ecological pressures, Niagara College’s Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre team works with private and public sector partners to develop innovative solutions to address today’s challenges in precision agriculture, GIS, computer programming, sustainable food production, plant growth, horticultural practices, greenhouse operations, aquaponics, environmental management and renewable energies.

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We Specialize In:

  • precision-ag

    precision agriculture

    • Precision Agriculture applications: Synthesize agricultural yield, elevation data, and other data to determine linkages and practices to reduce fertilizer inputs
    • Variable Rate Prescription algorithms and protocols for use on farms
    • Early-warning remote sensing technologies to protect tender fruit crops
    • Digital terrain analysis tools
    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and data analysis applied to the agricultural industry
    • Sustainable food production: Aid local growers to increase their production and improve food quality
  • aquaponics

    horticulture & greenhouse

    • Hydroponics, aquaponics, integrated pest management, lighting technologies for growing
    • Greenhouse, hydroponic and aquaponic growing techniques to reduce inputs and increase efficiency
  • environmental-analysis

    environmental analysis

    • Water and/or soil analysis, with accompanying mitigation strategies
  • sustainability-solutions

    sustainability solutions

    Environmental solutions for corporate social responsibility

    • Utilize carbon management and accounting strategies to reduce environmental impact
    • Analyze products and processes to reduce waste
    • Business sustainability planning

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