Gabriela Torrens

Gaby Torrens

Gabriela Torrens is a Research Associate who focuses on cannabis projects for the Horticultural & Environmental Sciences Innovation Centre (HESIC). She is responsible for supporting cannabis research projects at the Cannabis Indoor Cultivation Research Labs (Cannabunker) and developing research trials. She also assists with HESIC projects carried out in the Niagara College Teaching Greenhouse. Gabriela first joined HESIC as a student in the role of Research Assistant.

Gabriela has a diverse background working with scientific research, development, and validation of innovative technologies. Gabriela has a Bachelor of Biology and a Master’s of Entomology from Federal University of Parana in Brazil. She specialized in insect pest management with a focus on chemical ecology. Later, Gabriela moved to Ecuador where she gained valuable experience at the National Institute of Agriculture Research where she played a crucial role in selecting new varieties of wheat and barley, ultimately releasing a new beer barley to support local breweries in utilizing local supplies. She studied most recently at Niagara College graduating from the Greenhouse Technician program in June 2023.