Monitoring water level in real time

ParemTech develops Internet of Things (IoT) devices and accompanying software/firmware for niche embedded applications. The Wainfleet company is the creator of the PTLevel 2.0 device, which measures the water level of cisterns, sumps, and similar enclosures holding liquids. A customer dashboard reports water level and usage data to the owner in real time.

To develop the market for the PTLevel 2.0 among water delivery companies, ParemTech looked to the Research & Innovation’s Digital Media and Web Solutions team for additional functionality to the customer dashboard. For this, the company needed to enable its customers to share their device’s readings with water delivery companies and property managers.

Niagara College’s Digital Media & Web Solutions team made improvements to the User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) of the web application, which enables users to read their cistern levels. Calibration functionality was improved and a “property manager” user type was added. The research team utilized the Google API to add route-mapping functionality for water delivery account owners and predictive analytics were created to forecast when the next fill up would be required. For water delivery companies, the PTLevel 2.0 dashboard now has the ability to manage their customers’ devices and map delivery routes.

The team at NC’s Digital Media & Web Solutions specialize in helping SMEs through a number of various ways: web development and web-based internet applications; creating custom mobile applications or enhancing existing software to make it accessible on a mobile device; and developing innovative solutions for 3D Visualization, artificial intelligence, software simulations, process improvement, and data analysis.

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