Overcoming ageism by sharing knowledge

AGEWORKS is working to challenge outdated perceptions of what it means to age today and debunk myths surrounding ageism, in both the workplace and the marketplace. Through workshops, special events and forums, they want the public to know how Canada’s aging population is an opportunity, not a problem, to positively impact the economy and the lives of generations to come by maximizing the talents, experience and skills of baby boomers.

In 2018, the Niagara-based company began several projects with Niagara College’s Community and Health Studies division with the goal to help reduce the stigma associated with aging and to raise awareness about age-friendly and age-inclusive issues and practices.

Hosted by the College, AGEWORKS also runs quarterly workshop forums called Business of Ageing Niagara Network (BANN), which are designed to help professionals understand business issues and opportunities targeting an aging population. The company is also working on a two-day event for June 26 and 27, 2018 called AGEWORKS — The Art of Ageing Forum.

While its previous website addressed the company’s current needs, AGEWORKS was interested in a redesigned website that would better reflect the AGEWORKS brand and more effectively communicate with their target groups. Alex Davis, an NC graduate of computer programming, and a Research Associate with R&I’s Digital Media & Web Solutions team, took a lead role in the redevelopment of the company’s website, a project made possible by government funding through NC’s Community and Health Studies division.

Davis redesigned the AGEWORKS website by providing a well-researched solution to improve the functionality, while enhancing the visual appeal. The site’s capabilities were optimized, including the implementation of e-commerce services for the company to sell products and services.

“Alex and his team are true professionals and not only addressed our every need but also took the initiative to augment the effectiveness of the site,” said Ann Hossack, a partner with AGEWORKS.

For more information on digital media projects, visit the website.