R&I’s Andrew Nickel showcases precision agriculture work in magazine cover story

Andrew Nickel, a research associate with the Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre, is Niagara Life Magazine’s cover story. He is photographed with the DJII Matrice drone—part of the R&I division’s fleet, which also includes the DJI Mavic and a Phantom 4. Photo by Steve Henschel.


Andrew Nickel, a research associate at Niagara College, gets to spend his days with state-of-the-art mobile robotics in the field of precision agriculture. His story, the cover feature for Niagara Life Magazine this month, has put a spotlight on the Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre in the Research & Innovation division.

A focal point for the Agriculture & Environmental Centre has been its renowned work in precision agriculture. The research team has built and installed a number of micrometerological/weather measurement stations in fields, orchards and vineyards in southern Ontario. Combined with remote sensors both on the ground and in the air, the weather stations provide real-time measurements to assist with identifying oncoming weather threats. With early warnings, growers can hopefully mitigate damage from frost or crop disease, for example.  

Andrew has worked on a mix of hardware design and programming for the sensor system.

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