Take a look at HESIC’s trip to University of Havana through imagery

Niagara College’s Horticultural and Environmental Sciences Innovation Centre (HESIC) travelled to Cuba to visit the research experts at the University of Havana, in partnership with International Zeolite.

International Zeolite has several partnerships with a group of Cuban scientists who were working with this mineral.

Those researchers and others from the University of Havana developed a proprietary way to embed all the nutrients necessary for plant growth right into the zeolite, a grow system branded as NEREA®.

The Cuban studies demonstrated several benefits to the use of NEREA®, including an increased crop. This meant a) the time to harvest was significantly reduced compared to conventional methods; b) it made for a better quality, larger plant; and c) growers were using significantly less fertilizer than conventional methods.

IZ and HESIC have signed a formal agreement that will help catapult the research relationship to new heights.

Under the terms of the agreement, Niagara College will provide priority and support for research projects in relationship to IZ’s proprietary grow system NEREA®, which will be carried out by HESIC. Niagara College will provide ongoing access to resources, staff, and space to support these research projects. The College will also work with IZ to explore prospective advanced manufacturing, business and commercialization projects and alignments, as opportunities may arise. Further, Niagara College will support the efforts of IZ in their establishment of the company’s new production facility in the Niagara region.

Look through the photos to explore some of the facilities at the University of Havana campus.