The Perfect Meat Snack


Recipe & New Product Development


Broya is a Toronto-based food and beverage company that produces high quality, innovative meat products inspired by a belief in holistic living. Their existing products are sold in grocery and health food stores across Ontario, and include organic chicken and grass-fed beef bone broths. The broths are brimming with a unique blend of healthful spices and herbs with various nutritional benefits. Broya approached the CFWI Innovation Centre with an idea to develop a new product line of shelf stable, bite-sized meat snacks, which would meet their exceptional standards.


The CFWI IC research team conducted a product development project that resulted in three new meat snacks for Broya. The flavours developed were Mango Madness Turkey Bites, Jalapeno Honey Chicken Bites, and Sweet Chili Heat Beef Bites. Each flavour is delicious and nutritious, and combines natural sweetness, mild spices, real fruits, and ethically sourced meat; the animals were raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones. The products are also paleo friendly, gluten free, nitrite free, and completely free of all other allergens. The products are available at specialty online health stores and soon in major retail chains.

Funding: IRAP Interactive Visit