Hamill Machine Company Inc.

Hamill Machine Company

Mechanical Engineering Design and Improvement


Hamill Machine Company Inc. identified the craft beer industry as one that is becoming increasingly popular in Ontario and beyond. And with that, noticed event vendors, bars and restaurants stocking several varieties of kegged beers in unorganized and distinctly unsafe ways. The project goal was to design a modular beer keg racking system that could be manufactured by Hamill using their laser cutter.


The Research & Innovation team created a modular beer racking system that could be manufactured with Hamill Machine’s laser cutter. The first and most important step was to confirm the usefulness of this product with microbreweries and distributors of craft beers within the region. In the next stage, the team was able to evaluate materials, create a conceptual design, test the stressors on different types of polymers, and confidently conclude that the design was ready for trial-run production. Hamill created the design using their laser cutter and now have a showpiece ready for any potential customers. Next steps for the company is to fully commercialize the product for production.