Hi-Rel Group, LLC

Hi-Rel Group, LLC

Productivity Assessments


Fort Erie-based Hi-Rel Alloys Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of metal alloy materials to many microelectronic companies worldwide, in sectors such as military, aerospace, communications, computer and medical. The company identified the need t improve the efficiency of its manufacturing operations.


After assessing the three different areas, the Productivity Assessment team was able to make three recommendations and projected savings. 1) Hi-Rel should immediately implement a form of Business Plan deployment in each department resulting in a 5 per cent reducing in cost for all categories; 2) The process of the pace maker department requires a layout review and Field of View (FOV) cameras and monitors. This would result in throughput improvements of 10 per cent and 3) Implement a Shainin Systemâ„¢ for the X-Ray filter, resulting is a scrap reduction of 25 per cent.