Lipa Park

Lipa Park


Lipa Park is an event space launched in 1967 as a hub to serve the growing Slovenian community in Niagara. Lipa Park needs to strategically plan for the future, and with many changes to the membership and the space, they need guidance on how to remain successful for the years to come. 

The research team will uncover the landscape of event spaces in Niagara and develop target market(s) to help understand what is desired from a consumer perspective. A promotions strategy on how best to reach the desired market(s) is needed. 


By conducting a detailed analysis of the events industry in Niagara/Canada as well as Lipa Park’s capabilities, environmental considerations, and relevant industry trends, the Research Center has compiled a thorough report to help guide Lipa Park through the modernization process successfully. 

Lipa Park can transition to a more comprehensive business model in order to better meet the needs of modern ceremonies without compromising on their rich cultural history. 

Funding: RBC Funded 

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