Offbeet Kitchen

Offbeet Life

Offbeet Kitchen has been creating a lifestyle brand that centres around a plant-based diet. Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic, plans to open a vegan restaurant were underway, with the restaurant industry facing challenges right now it lead to re-imaging what the brand could be. Wanting to bring vegan grocery products to market; starting with a date ball, other vegan snacks and then items like a plant based milk. Offbeet Kitchen requires market research to understand the landscape of the vegan grocery market, who the desired target market would be, distribution channels and steps to commercialization including a promotions strategy.

Research into the Plant-based lifestyle was completed to understand what consumers are wanting for both food products and information from influencers in the space. Target Market(s) were identified, how to approach the market through a promotions plan including how to communicate the value proposition of Offbeet. A content plan with information on how to maximize a single piece of content for greatest reach was provided.

Funding: RBC Funded